Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grey TV

My thanks to Angus Long, Director of Embryonyx Ltd, for sending me this email regarding my previous entry:

"I found your column on the subject most entertaining. However perhaps you could lightly inform the TV buyers and advertisers that they are wasting their time on the 18 – 49 year olds.

Apart from the fact, they’ve never got much disposable income, this demographic group it is on the wane.

What they should be looking at is targeting the older viewer and attracting the grey pound. It is estimated that Europes senior citizens are set to grow by 60% over the next 40 years to 103 million.

In the UK alone

  • There are 20 Million over 50 today
  • More people are over 65 than under 16
  • By 2021 over 65s will account for 50% of the population
  • 25% of the online population
  • Over the next 20 years the over 50s market will grow by more than 30%
  • A collective spending power of £196 Billion
  • 80% of the nations wealth & 60% of all savings
  • Each month 50,000 people turn 50

How many will be watching TV and what do they like to see? Not big brother that’s for sure."

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Hadriana's Treasures said...

Maybe at last the TV schedules will start to look a bit more healthy (once this message starts to get through to those who commission programmes). I still stand by the fact that the UK has still has the greatest TV around but it could do a lot better. I've lived in Italy where TV programmes are truly dire and Spain was a bit better but not a patch on the Beeb. (Egypt I will not mention!)