Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Les Misunderstanding

A version of my previous post “How Was It For You? - The Worst New Year Ever” was published on Monday in the Newcastle Journal. On Wednesday the Editor received this letter from a concerned reader: 

Hello Mr Aitken, 

I was quite alarmed to read Tom Gutteridge's New Year article in yesterday's Journal where he openly admitted to watching a video of the new Les Miz film. Alarmed as it is not released in cinemas until Friday so it cannot be a legal copy, and surprised that such a reputable newspaper has published the crime!

Mrs T A Little 

Just in case any of you were similarly perturbed, here is his reply: 

Dear Mrs Little,

Tom is a BAFTA voting member and as such is sent a copy of every film in contention for an award so criminal activity is not an issue here. 


Brian Aitken 
Editor, The Journal 

I am, of course, delighted that today BAFTA announced that Les Mis has received several BAFTA nominations, including Best Film, Outstanding British Film, and also nominations for Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.  

I was also pleased to see that all my other 4 voting suggestions for Best Film had been successful.  They are:
Argo (brilliantly directed by Ben Affleck), 
Zero Dark Thirty (even more brilliantly directed by Kathryn Bigelow),  
Life of Pi (I seriously have no idea how this was shot by Ang Lee - Jo said it was all done on CGI - that is to dismiss a major cinematic achievement as mere trickery), and
Lincoln (though much of the credit should go to Daniel Day Lewis for a staggering performance that should win him the Oscar - if he beats Hugh Jackman).  

This morning at the BBC I bumped into Tim Bevan, who produced Les Miserables, and congratulated him on the achievement.  I also said he owed me a very large box of Kleenex. 

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